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Yellow Potion #9

(To the Tune: Love Potion #9)

Back in the 1990’s, a large North American movie theatre chain actually stopped using butter for a short while (for the reasons I quickly mention at the end of the song) and brought in something called ‘Golden Topping’. Now, I’m perfectly aware that butter is not the healthiest thing to put on popcorn, but dammit, it’s delicious, and a whole lot better than that particular palatable petroleum product they were introducing. I once asked to see the ‘Golden Topping’ ingredients, and they showed me, proving true my old adage: “Never eat what you can’t pronounce.”

I complained to the management, just like I do in the song, and the public must have as well, because they eventually DID bring back butter. Only now they charge people extra for it. As if their profit margin (or in this case ‘profit margarine’) wasn’t big enough, selling us 6 cents worth of popcorn for seven dollars.