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Banana Cream Pie

(Tune: American Pie)

I came from a family where dieting was always a topic of discussion. One summer I lost 75 lbs! (I was in England and left my wallet with 75 Pounds in it on one of those double decker busses.) But I digress.

My mother once wrote a parody of the musical “My Fair Lady” and called it “My Fat Lady.” I was just 12 years old at the time, but that may explain my penchant for lyrical wordplay. I come by it honestly. In one song she took that famous line “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain” and cleverly changed it to “The fish and chips land mainly on the hips.’” To me, that was a brilliant twist of phrase, and I even borrowed from it in this parody, which, by the way, is the second most requested song I’m asked most often to sing. Listen to the other parodies and guess which one gets requested the most!

When ‘AmericanPie’ by Don McLean debuted in the early 70’s, everybody was singing it, because it was a truly great song. That’s helpful because people enjoy a parody all the more when they know the lyrics to the original.