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Doin’ Diddly Did The Dum City Crew

(To the tune: Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do)

No matter where I perform this, whether it’s a small town or an urban metropolis, everyone seems to relate to the perceived notion of the ‘lazy city worker.’  (He was so lazy his self-winding watch stopped; he was so lazy he considers nose-picking to be a workout, etc.)

The song was inspired by a true event when I was a kid: a city truck and crew dug a huge hole in our lawn – to my father’s chagrin – did nothing for two days, and then came and filled the hole back up. The song is so much fun to sing, as it seems everyone knows and loves the original catchy melody. It’s also a great song for audience participation, inviting the listener to sing out the chorus and answer back to parts of the song.